Get Start-Up Pricing Before It's Too Late!

For those who have been with us since the very beginning of our handmade shoe venture, we announced that we would be offering our shoes at a preliminary discounted price (20% less than normal prices) with the launch of our brand for the next four months. 

With this initiative, we wanted to allow the SA community to experience our brand and quality first hand with ease, and to learn about our way of life here at Matsidiso. 

With the four months coming to a close, our prices will return to normal and our current preliminary startup/business launch discounts will never be seen again, starting 1 Sept

If you have been on the fence about an investment into a pair of Matsidiso Shoes, now is the time to take the leap of faith!

We guarantee premium quality handmade shoes at a fair price, attentive customer service, and our deep commitment to continuing to grow our business to improve the lives of our employees and the local community. 

Thank you for the support and cheering us on through our first quarter of business! 

We are SO looking forward to a long, committed and highly rewarding journey with you over the coming years. 

- Blessings from the Matsidiso Team