Women of Impact: Feat. Local Talent Luh'ra

This month we have the huge honour of sharing the beauty that is Luh’ra with YOU!
Listen here, if you haven’t heard her name (or her magical and soul-filled songs), you’ll want to get well-acquainted. Its perplexing to me that one person can be so real, so damn down-to-Earth, and equally be so naturally cool (for lack of a better word). From style, grace, inner and outer beauty… lucky us to get to share with you the one and only… 
Meet us live on August 9th, Women’s Day at 12 noon for a beautiful song by Luh'ra in collaboration with Matsidiso for a celebration to uplift and add light to our individual worlds.
1) Who is Luh’ra? What are your values, your loves, things you stand for etc?
I am a singer/songwriter who believes in love and honesty. I carry a quiet shyness within but choose to express strength in vulnerability with the hope that others can do the same. 
 2) When did your journey with music begin? How do you describe your sound?
What do you want to evoke from the listener? 
I started playing classical guitar when I was 10 years old and it has held a safe space for me ever since. I only started sharing my music in 2017. I describe my music as acoustic soul. Most of my songs come from a deep place of emotion and memory. I hope that listeners can feel that when listening and that it allows them to reflect on their own journey.  
3) How did you get your start in music? Did you know as a kid you wanted to be in a creative field, or did it emerge over time?
My family has always exposed me to music and creative culture. They would often take me to live music concerts and various events. Everyone in my family is extremely creative. My dad and my sister are writers, my other sister is graffiti artist and my mom works with food. So, as scary as it is for anyone to pursue a creative career, I have always had my family to show me that it is a possibility. 
 4) What is music to you?
Music is a form of expression of oneself. 
 5) What is your life mantra? What are some words you live by?
 Words I love are honesty, connection, respect, gratitude and blessed. There are beautiful actions to live by in each of them. 
6) Do you have a favourite performance to date or memory of a big breakthrough / notable part of your journey to date?
 I did a performance at the aquarium last year which was probably one of my most special musical memories to date. Being under water is one of my favourite places to be so it was very special to share music in an aquarium. 
  7) What are some challenges musicians/ artists face that people outside of the industry should be aware of? What do you wish the public knew about the behind the scenes and admin of performing, making music etc?
Being an artist is expensive and it is years of endless investments. Yet, when we ask to be paid our rates or the public to buy tickets, people don’t want to do it. This is either because there seems to be a lack of understanding on this or a lack of willingness because people are willing to  pay the same amount or more for a meal, clothing, etc. I wish that people who love and enjoy the arts would make a budget to invest in the art which soothes, inspires and motivates them. We are trying to grow our creative industry which is small and young but has so much potential to thrive as it is one of South Africa’s most beautiful and abundant resources.  
  8) How is the music industry changing and what does that mean for you?
Because the music industry in South Africa is still quite young, it is constantly changing, growing and learning. It’s amazing to be a part of because we are all learning and building the industry together.
Luh'ra x Matsidiso
9) How have you personally had to adapt to lockdown at the aftermath of COVID-19  and all the challenges it’s bringing? How can the public support artists right now?
COVID-19 had quite an abrupt impact on the world but specifically on the events industry. It has quite a longer term effect as we can’t be sure when public gatherings will be allowed again. It has been quite cool to see the creative solutions that people have been coming up with and to see these solutions get better and better over the past few months. I’ve been doing quite a lot of online gigs which can be strange at times without an actual audience in front of you but also amazing to able to reach much more people all over the world. During this time I have been able to virtually travel to New York, Canada, Lebanon, London and more. A lot of these gigs have been by donation basis so if you are able to donate or if there are tickets being sold, buy them!  
 10) And we always ask, what does liberation or freedom mean to you? How do you define that for your life? 
               Right now, with so many limitations on movement, I think of this in a mental capacity. Freedom to think freely and express your being openly. Liberation would be letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings which hold you back from being true to yourself.  
11) Give us a song or playlist that keeps you going during these crazy times that uplift you! 
I have a playlist on my Spotify artist account called Songs to breathe to. I listen to this playlist often when I need clarity within my mind and heart. It helps and reminds me to breathe.
12) And of course, we have to ask: what are your three favourite Matsidiso finds? :)
So many amazing products to choose from and such beautiful quality! I love the shoes that I will be wearing in my video, the Zebra Lala Mule as well as the ones listed below. I also love the more basic things like the socks and the facemasks because I know that those everyday items are made with love and care and the quality means it will last a while.
Le Couquette Ostrich Feather Bag
Most importantly, how can we find you / support you and get access to your absolutely gorgeous voice and music? 

Please listen to my music on your streaming platform of choice. Buy my music if you can. Follow me me on Facebook and/or Instagram and spread the love with your friends and family.
Find Luh'ra at:
Stay tuned for more events on her social pages! 
Show support and comment on your favourite song by Luh'ra below or go have a listen if you haven't yet... whoa-man, her voice is all you need today. xx
Happy Women's Day!!


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