Know The Difference - Sustainable vs Ethical?!

For those of you who aren’t aware, our planet is suffering a slow and painful death, all thanks to us! So, instead of talking about change, we’ve decided to BE the change. To DO!

The more we discuss this topic amongst our fellow humans, the more we realise just how blurred the lines are between the two. Well, today we’re here to iron out those creases by taking the time to break it down, to help all you beauties understand what we’re on about when we talk about being Sustainable and/or Ethical. That way, you’ll feel more connected to our greater mission of ultimately saving the world.

So here goes…

Sustainable is all about the environment. The effect that our product, together with how it’s made, has on the environment.

  • Energy Reduction
  • Using recycled material
  • Packaging
  • Water & waste treatment
  • Sustainable fabrics
  • And the list goes on and on…

Ethical is all about Human Rights. How your gems were made, from the sourcing of the fabric to how the hands and souls that created your gems are treated and paid. This also includes their safety while creating your gems.

*Full Disclosure * We are hustling to meet our mission and vision every. single. day! Although we aren’t exactly where we’d like to be, but we sure are closer than we were yesterday.

In the footwear / accessories manufacturing sector, it is our main mission to add value to the lives of our workers and to ensure their needs come first. Given over 1000 footwear jobs have been lost just in The Western Cape ALONE since last year, it is really important to keep this sector alive and thriving, and we believe it is in the hands of small footwear businesses that care about their impact to keep these beautiful and dying artisanal skills alive and well. Not to mention just keeping people employed in a difficult economic climate within SA.

 And while we are VERY pedantic about how we source our leathers and materials, using off-cuts and only working with other local small businesses, we are working towards a more significant change in sustainability by using natural alternatives to leather such as Pinatex (pineapple leather sourced from the Philippines). Just one thing at a time.

 First, survive. Thrive. And keep making the important changes that we know we can.

And, we’ll continue to hustle daily to reach our goal of being completely Sustainable and Ethical.

Those are the important bits and we hope that by sharing this, we were able to add value to your day. Be mindful and gentle with our planet, she’s doing the best she can – We ( the entire human race) can be the difference and do so much better.

Remember: ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping with a mosquito’ – African Proverb

Love Yourself,

Love Your Planet!


Lindsay from The Matsidiso Team