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5 Winter Must-Haves for Any Conscious Fashion Queen

by Jinae Heyns August 08, 2019 1 Comment

5 Winter Must-Haves for Any Conscious Fashion Queen | Matsidiso International

I don't know about you, but winter is when I come alive, honey! I simply cannot wait for this time of year, so that I can step out into the streets in my oversized coat, with my oversized scarf and my oversized coffee. (I own a lot of oversized things)  
The only thing better than a fashion-forward, yet comfy queen, is a conscious, fashion-forward, yet comfy queen. Here are our top 5 winter must-haves for you! 
1. The Trench Coat
Here's the tea, my body simply doesn't recognize a treadmill in the winter, or weights, or exercise in general. A trench coat is not only a great way to hide your winter body, but it's also a great cover for if you don't feel like dressing up underneath. Are you wearing pjs underneath? A bra? Who knows!? 
The trench coat elevates any winter look. It's an investment piece that can be worn for years and should be a staple in every woman's closet. Dress it up with a pair of booties and you're good to go!  
2. The Boot
Speaking of booties, when was the last time you treated yourself to a fresh pair of kicks? I have about 3 pairs in my shopping cart right now, in fact I'm looking at a pair of pink, embossed boots as we speak! 
Every season, there's an overwhelming amount of styles, colours, and patterns, but the style that seems to be on everyone's lips (and feet) is the ankle boot. This dominating shoe trend is hard to miss and will leave you with a serious case of FOMO if you don't grab yourself a pair or two!
The Dineo Bootie is sure to turn heads this winter. This handmade, vintage-inspired bootie is made from soft, premium leather and is just begging for shoefie to be taken! It comes in a selection of colours, so whether you're looking for a staple bootie or a statement piece, we've got you covered girl! Well, your feet at least. 
3. The Print
Animal prints are here for winter and there's a whole jungle of patterns to choose from! 
A leopard can't change its spots, but honey, you can! Zebra stripes, snakeskin, or cow print, the list is endless and we're definitely here for it! Whether it's printed boots, caps, clothing, or bags, you're going to want it all this winter. But don't just go buying any ol' printed piece, make sure your clothing items were sustainably sourced. Do your research first and support brands who make use of sustainable/recyclable prints and are doing their part to help our environment. After all, a lil' homework never killed anyone, but a lack of it can support those who are killing animals inhumanely for their skin.
Matsidiso offers a range of luxury animal print pieces. From our jaguar print mules to our springbok bags. Everything we create is sustainably sourced and ethically handmade by south African shoe cobblers, who use their vibrant heritage and rich culture to bring every piece to life. 
4. The Bag
A cute handbag by my side makes me feel like I can conquer the world, and I am LIVING for the variety we have this winter! My personal favourite is the perspex bag. With a boxy, chic design that allows anyone and everyone to see your many slips, gum wrappers, pepper spray, and other unmentionables. (more slips) 
The perfect bag adds character to any outfit and can distract the world from your internal crisis. 
This winter we're all about belt bags, micro bags, and printed baggies. (We just can't get over how hot animal print is this season!) 
We also have a special place in our hearts and wardrobes for bags made from net, rope, and other recyclable material. The most important thing is to remember is that you can make the world a better place and still look like a baddie.
5. The Accessory
Dig out your childhood scrunchies, snap clips and barrettes because your childhood staples are back! 
From the runway to the streets, everyone is wearing statement hair accessories. Every time I open the gram, someone's wearing pearls, 37 Bobby pins, oversized scrunchies, AND a few barrettes too, and why? Because it looks good, that's why.  What other reason do we need? These accessories will take your hairstyle from basic to on fleek. 
Any of our top 5 winter must-haves can instantly elevate your winter outfit. Don't get left out in the cold by not investing in any one of these pieces and remember that the only thing better than a fashion-forward queen, is a conscious, fashion-forward queen. 

Jinae Heyns
Jinae Heyns


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November 19, 2019


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